Post 2288: the kitty boys were kittens once…

Andy's first day home

I came across these photos of the kitty boys when they were really young. I’d stuffed them in some obscure file that popped up today. Above, the day I brought Andy home for the first time. I’d just picked him up at the veterinarian clinic, where he and his mommy and litter mates were, Awww!

dougy a month at home

Dougy always wanted to be near me when I was on the computer, and here he is. a sleeping little angel about two and a half or three months old. I’m getting wetness in the eyes. What’s that about? Awww!



36 thoughts on “Post 2288: the kitty boys were kittens once…

  1. There are times we all wish to have our kitties/puppies back, and other times we are glad they aren’t peeing in the house or shredding anything (maybe more so with puppies, LOL.) Precious.

    • I don’t know. Kitties sometimes have pee and poop emergencies that leave evidence they were “there”. Dougy had a time getting used to litter boxes for pooping. Andy has always been a more disciplined kitty. He learned much faster than his brother what to do when he needed the toilet.

    • They were lots of fun to watch play. I’m glad I decided to accept the gift of two kitties instead of just Andy. They play well together most days, though they sometimes have brotherly squabbles over who gets to have something they both want.

  2. They were exceptionally cute kittens for sure! They are still cute of course but . . . those kitten pics!!! Always a pleasure to find old photos you haven’t seen in ages.

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