Post 2295: Richard M. Thomas

My kitty boys loved, loved, loved it when my brother came for his annual visit.

(Sorry for “the word”.)

Unfortunately, Dick died on December 19, 2016. We miss him a lot. He was a funny, gentle man, a good and decent fellow, a man who was comfortable with anyone he met. Children loved him, cats and dogs loved him. I loved him. I miss his visits. On this anniversary, I share the few pieces of video I have of him. 


20 thoughts on “Post 2295: Richard M. Thomas

    • They do. They always had a good time during his visits, as the videos show. If I spoil them rotten, Dick took spoiling to the next level!

    • Thank you. I enjoyed making videos, then Microsoft dropped the editing program or hid it somewhere. I bought the music from a fellow who makes creative commons music.

    • He was a talker! He enjoyed a leisurely chat, and that was something Dick and I did a lot of during his visits. We were so different in our interests, yet we never ran out of things to talk about. The kitty boys (and Louie the ginger cat before him.) loved him because he played cat games with them no matter what we people were doing.

    • How true. (I really enjoyed your post today!) Anyway, I miss Dick, yet he was suffering so much (cancer) at the end that I am glad that suffering is over.

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