Post 2163: Andy pays attention…


It is no surprise “Animal Planet” is Andy’s favorite station. He even likes “Too Cute” for all the cute puppies.

 But he gets really, really, really excited when he sees Jackson Galaxy pop up on the screen because that means one thing ~!


Woo hoo! Two horns up for “My Cat from Hell”! 

This requires a closer look. The two kitties are fighting each other and Andy thinks he can learn some new moves for the  next time Dougy wants the new box first!


An hour of hell cats makes Andy’s day! Back to the end table.

16 thoughts on “Post 2163: Andy pays attention…

  1. Mom says she’s only viewed a couple of episodes, which was several years ago. I personally haven’t seen the show before. I do have one of Mr. Galaxy’s books on my bookshelf though.

    • That it is! The two programs I mention are especially fun. I mean, what could “Too cute” be but the most fun you can imagine, with lots of really cute puppies growing from new born to leaving their moms for forever homes!?”My cat from hell” is instructive if you have a kitty behaving poorly. Some of the featured cats have been rehomed before because of behavior problems and others are so nasty the humans are on the verge of breaking up their marriages! Of course, Jackson Galaxie always figures out what to do, and the humans and cats live happily ever after! Awwww!

    • Now that you mention it, he emphasizes that the humans are always at fault for not creating the perfect kitty heaven for their little misbehaving darlings, doesn’t he? Perhaps the program should be “Ignorant humans mistreating sweet kitties”.

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