Post 2171: not impressed…

Here’s something rare: Dougy watching television with Andy.

Of course, they are upset and confused by what they see.

20200228_175434 (1)

Andy reacts first: “Where’s the kitty video you promised?”

20200228_175429 (1)

It’s unanimous! The kitty boys are tired of human TV.

20 thoughts on “Post 2171: not impressed…

  1. Mom and Dad have been watching lots of the black moving screen, too, these days. Purrsonally I think all that viewing is stressing them out. Maybe we kitty’s should pull the plugs from those devices. Tee hee hee.

    • They chose to stop by and watch…

      I definitely put appropriate fare on for them if I’m not involved in what I’m watching. Or…I put cat videos on my smart phone.

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