16Mar20: Andy and Dougy in motion…

There is something Zen-like in a cat washing up… Dougy is featured here.

I confess: I cannot avoid handling a “floofy” cat tail, and Andy’s is the “floofiest”!

What’s more catlike than staring out the window at forbidden treats?

I like this one as much for how well the color of Dougy’s eyes shows up as for the fun he has playing alone.


I hope you enjoyed the selection. Most I chose because they are short – who has time to watch a lot of cat videos? – but show things of interest to regular readers of this blog.


26 thoughts on “16Mar20: Andy and Dougy in motion…

    • That is what I hoped you and others would get out of the videos. Watching them in action gives a much better sense of their personalities than still photos do.

    • I enjoyed making the videos, too, and am glad I documented them at all stages, from kitten to adulthood. I don’t have that for any other pet I’ve had. Glad you enjoyed the videos, too!

    • That they are! I’m glad I have them around, even with all their quirks and naughtiness., They are living proof that I have no disciplinary powers and that I probably saved the world a lot of grief by not having children. LOL!

    • I really enjoyed making the videos. I was a US Army motion picture photographer in 1970-1972 and liked the job a lot. It was a way to practice something I enjoyed doing for a living in another life. Of course, kitties are perfect subjects for videos since they are not aware of what you are doing. I’ve been making short videos lately with my smart phone, though editing them is problematic (possible?).

      Anyway, Dougy’s eyes are his best physical characteristic and the easiest way to identify him since Andy’s eyes are yellow.

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