17Mar20: no green here today…


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you today! Hope you are healthy, not getting closer than two meters or six feet away from fellow humans, that you have sufficient toilet paper but not so much others are denied the dignity of a healthy bowel movement and a hygienic wipe.

I hope you have no plans to drink green beer – ugh! – but corned beef and cabbage is a fine meal. 

Finally, I put you on notice: If you pinch me for not wearing green, I’ll punch you! Love the Irish, but I’m not Irish. If I wear green, it is an accident or I just happened to have nothing else clean that day but the green whatever. 

10 thoughts on “17Mar20: no green here today…

  1. Mom says she’s part Irish and wore green on St. Patrick’s Day. Thankfully she didn’t put any silly green glasses on me like she did the doggy last year. Tee hee hee.

    • Same here. The schools are down for two weeks, with probably continuation as things get more serious. Many cancelled meetings, services of the city, and more. There haven’t been any cases in the Nebraska Panhandle yet, though there was one negative.

    • Great idea! I considered having a shot of an Irish single malt whisky I have on hand from another time, but chose not to. It isn’t something I enjoy enough to have alone! (Andy and Dougy don’t drink whisky after all!)

  2. I promise I won’t pinch you for not wearing green, Doug. Though frankly, I’ve always hated that tradition and others associated with St. Patrick’s Day in the US. (The Irish don’t do any of that stuff. I had one actual Irish priest point out to me that the day comes in the middle of Lent, so seeing all these Americans getting drunk on the saint’s day was a downer for him.)

    I don’t like Guinness either, and since I’m vegetarian, I’ll skip the corned beef brisket. Maybe a green cupcake or frosted cookie to celebrate?

    • I never like the holiday traditions either. I never got into the bar business for the holiday either since most years it landed on a work day. Anyway, I do like Guinness draft, but these days I don’t even drink that as often as I used to since [people on dialysis need to limit fluid intake. Ho hum! I don’t make the corned beef and cabbage since I prepare food for one, and that is one of those things I like once, but not for several days after! I may wear green today, but, as noted, mainly because of what’s clean. (I am more enthusiastic about another holiday not particularly observed in the country of origin – Cinco de Mayo!)

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