22Mar20: It’s my birthday!

andy sleeps on back

I have nothing new to add to The Chronicles of the Two Kitty Brothers today because it is my birthday. And it is Sunday. I’m tired from all this COVID-19 news and “things” and my gift to myself is to take a day of rest! Andy (above) agrees.

75 thoughts on “22Mar20: It’s my birthday!

    • It’s what’s left of one, yes. The kitty boys really like peacock feather, which rarely last intact for more than part of one play session. Yes, my 29th! LOL!

    • Yes, tat’s a peacock feather – the kitty boys love, love, love playoing with peacock feathers. I had a very pleasant birthday this year.

    • I wish! Instead I took naps – three of them! – because I was so worn out from a stressful week. It was a very pleasant birthday indeed!

  1. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Douglas
    Happy Birthday, to you

    From good friends and true,
    From old friends and new,
    May good luck go with you,
    And happiness too.

    How old are you now?
    How old are you now?
    How old, How old
    How old are you now?

    (Sorry, the last question is just rhetorical)

        • I once had a Swiss penpal who turned out to have the same birthday and year as me! That was fun. Wolf Blitzer, the journalist on the US cable CNN also has the exact same birth date and year, and does Andrew Lloyd Weber. The late pantomimist, Marcel Marceau also had a March 22nd birthday, but a much earlier year. He had the h]good fortune to be born in Strasbourg, France! Best wishes to your cousin on her birthday!

    • That I am! I ended up taking three naps! I didn’t realize how exhausted the very stressful week made me till I had urges to take so many naps.

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