Post 2288: the kitty boys were kittens once…

Andy's first day home

I came across these photos of the kitty boys when they were really young. I’d stuffed them in some obscure file that popped up today. Above, the day I brought Andy home for the first time. I’d just picked him up at the veterinarian clinic, where he and his mommy and litter mates were, Awww!

dougy a month at home

Dougy always wanted to be near me when I was on the computer, and here he is. a sleeping little angel about two and a half or three months old. I’m getting wetness in the eyes. What’s that about? Awww!




Post 2140: “Let me ‘scritch’ you!”


Andy wasn’t in the mood.

Dougy wasn’t in the mood either…or…


…was he? “And get behind my ears, too!”

Post 2005: Well…OK!

Dougy is a bit standoffish today.

“Are you my kitty? Yes, ya is, boy! Yes ya is!” I try to improve his mood.

“How about a nice ‘scritching’, Dougall?”

That’s my kitty! Dougy is in a much better mood now.