29Jul20: settling in…

Andy prepares for a – what else? – cat nap.


 Looks like a good time and place…


…but Andy has to take one last look to be sure!


This photo is not new to Facebook people on my follow list, but to you on WordPress, thanks to the recent, too recent and still on-going laptop crisis. (Yeah, it always takes a burn in period to one is comfortable with how things operate and where things are on the new laptop.) Andy and I always make the best of close proximity and cement our love and trust for each other with a kitty head bump. Boop!


11Jun20: Andy tolerates no funny business…


Andy is a serious kitty. He doesn’t put up with any funny business.


06Apr20: play time for the kitty boys

Here’s how it is: I have to lean backwards in an awkward way to get the Birbug lure over to Dougy (in the box in the lower center), while Andy, wants to play, but is on the recliner back. OK! Now you can follow the story a bit better. Nothing’s too good for The Adorables!

I draw the Birdbug slowly over the top of the box-cave. The noise attracts Andy and excites Dougy. Sadly, Doug wants the Birbug to land “just so”…

…so Andy snares it each time I try to “present” the Birbug “just so” for Dougy.


Awww! Poor Dougy! (He eventually gets to snare the Birbug, which is more than I can say about snaring a photo of the event!)

In the meantime, once Andy snares the Birbug, he doesn’t give it up. What an animal!!


Post 2136: well aged now…

andrew for congress

Andy’s run for Nebraska’s 3rd District seat in the US House of Representatives wasn’t a success. He was judged to be too young, too inexperienced at the time.

and for poresident Time wizened , survivor of many battles, Andy’s prepared in 2020 to take on the biggest prize of all! (The mainstream analysts felt Andy’s earlier campaign poster hurt Andy by showing his horns more than any issue with his tender age at the time. Could be, could be.) 






Post 2288: the kitty boys were kittens once…

Andy's first day home

I came across these photos of the kitty boys when they were really young. I’d stuffed them in some obscure file that popped up today. Above, the day I brought Andy home for the first time. I’d just picked him up at the veterinarian clinic, where he and his mommy and litter mates were, Awww!

dougy a month at home

Dougy always wanted to be near me when I was on the computer, and here he is. a sleeping little angel about two and a half or three months old. I’m getting wetness in the eyes. What’s that about? Awww!



Post 2140: “Let me ‘scritch’ you!”


Andy wasn’t in the mood.

Dougy wasn’t in the mood either…or…


…was he? “And get behind my ears, too!”

Post 2005: Well…OK!

Dougy is a bit standoffish today.

“Are you my kitty? Yes, ya is, boy! Yes ya is!” I try to improve his mood.

“How about a nice ‘scritching’, Dougall?”

That’s my kitty! Dougy is in a much better mood now.