02Oct20: that’s debatable…

Andy stopped by just as the presidential debate began.

It started well enough, Wallace presenting a question.

Andy’s kitty sense began to tingle.

Geez! He’s over-talking Biden so bad I barely can understand him! ENOUGH! Andy could not agree more, so he ran off for peace and quiet elsewhere. 



24 thoughts on “02Oct20: that’s debatable…

    • Gad! was that a debacle or what? I should have put my head under the covers, but I gritted my teeth ands watched the whole thing.

    • No, he was named after St. Andrew the apostle and patron saint of Scotland. (My family came from Scotland in the early 1900s, though they tried America one time earlier in the 1890s, but returned to Scotland because of an economic downturn.) Andy’s concern was all the screaming and yelling. He likes it quiet!

    • I felt obligated to watch it till the end, but it was a painful, embarrassing exercise in civic responsibility. I actually filled out my ballot, which arrived the same day, minutes before this started, so my decision wasn’t affected by the “debate”.

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