13Jan21: stylin’…

You can be sure, this Kool Kat is stylin’!

“Not now…I’m stylin'”

“Didn’t get the memo? I AM STYLIN‘!

“I don’t get it, Andy. Don’t you want to play?”


“Stylin’ or styling is a verb used to describe something being done with style and elegance.” For example, see first photo.

23 thoughts on “13Jan21: stylin’…

  1. Wanted to say hi ~ We remember you from our old blog. We were away for a time and then came back under this new blog and couldn’t find ya until yesterday. We were really saddened to learn about Dougy, he will be missed for sure. We wish you and Andy the very best. We were also wondering how your sister’s cat was doing. She had adopted a female who gave her blinky eyes right away if I remember correctly.

    • Molly the tuxedo kitty girl died, if that’s the one you mean. (I think it is…( She adopted another shelter kitty girl, Saki, and Saki is enjoying the same windows her predecessors did. Andy and I are getting along well, though we sometimes cry when we think about sweet, naughty, funny Dougy….

      • Yes, I remember that one had passed and then she got another one. Must be Saki. Glad to hear Saki is all settled. We hear you about feeling bad. It’s just over a year that our Ivar went missing and it still makes us feel so sad. Take care and give Andy a scratch from us. 😽

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