24Mar21: “the vacant stare”

It starts innocently enough.

The kitty stops all activity and just goes into…

…”the vacant stare”. You try to see what kitty is looking at, but there is nothing of interest as far as you can tell. It is creepy!

Finally! A sleeping kitty makes sense.


19 thoughts on “24Mar21: “the vacant stare”

  1. You need one of those terrariums where you can grow big fat flies! When Andy gets bored,simply grab one,show him the big fat fly in your hand,watch it fly away and then watch Andy also fly away! Better then cat nip I bet….which you can give him once said fly is vanquished!

  2. Oh my!! Andy is deep in thought. You can’t rush these things. He is trying to decide from all his activities which one is the most demanding. It’s a tough decision so he’ll sleep and think on it some more. mol


  3. I’ve always interpreted the Vacant Stare as boredom! Sunny often does that at night, after sleeping all afternoon. I often do it in the afternoon when I’ve checked off my to-do list and am too tired to do anything else except maybe stare at the terrible daytime shows on TV. Oh for warmer weather and virus free air!

    • That’s a possibility. Another might be “deep thought about what to eat” or “where did I put that catnip mouse…?”

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