19Feb22: good times…

When I come out of the bathroom or head for my bedroom, Andy hops up on the dining area cat tree and waits for some loving! 

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Andy likes his kitty massage!

Then he waits patiently for what comes next.

I rub and pet his side and back. He arches his back in kitty boy ecstasy!

I’d show you how I bump heads with Andy and nuzzle his side while he >purr! purr! purr!< eats it up, but that’s our little private time thrill.

Oh, and I tell him what a wonderful kitty boy he is, what a good kitty he is, and how I am lucky he came into my life. He eats that up, too!



17Feb22: snowy weather…

“It’s snowing outside, Andrew! I’ve put your little chair by the door so you can watch it.”

I don’t think Ms. Frog across the lane is happy with it…

…but Mr. & Mrs. Pot People anticipate the moisture benefit of the snow for the coming gardening season!

Andy’s still uncertain about watching the snow.

So far, it isn’t too deep.

16Feb22: Andy keeps me at bay…

Andy’s safer…

…from me here…

…because it’s just beyond my reach. He can be a strange kitty boy in that way. On one hand he wants to have me in his view all the time (a true kitty response to his or her human), and on the other, he doesn’t want his human to pet him. He determines when I get to give him loving!

15Feb22: bed, next day…

Same old same old, even up to Andy’s classic “paws outstretched” sleeping pose.

Then he catches on: Doug’s taking his photo again. Andy gives me the “creepy eye”!

“Oh no! Where did Andy go?” Andy tries hiding in full view. Silly cat!

13Feb22: Dougy from seven years back…

The kitty boys would have been three going on four years ago when this photo of Dougy on a cardboard disc was taken.

Wow! Seven years ago, Dougy hadn’t started destroying his ottoman yet.

Here’s Andy on the ottoman now. Dougy ruined the cover scratching on all corners to let Andy know it was Dougy Territory. It “says” Dougy so much that Andy won’t get on it unless the lapboard covers the surface. (Dougy would beat up his brother for trying to get on it!)


10Feb22: window birding…

Andy’s off on important morning kitty business!

Yes, it’s window birding time!

He thinks he sees some good birds in the rose bush!

Well, Andy thought he saw a birdie or two….

Yes, he did see a birdie, and that’s why this is his favorite morning kitty activity!