08Nov22: Andy’s watching…

I see you watching me, Andy!

“Am not!”

Are, too!

“Am not!”

“Well, maybe I am!”


Andy had fun earlier watching sparrows in the rose bush outside the bathroom window. At one point, he climbed the screen to get one that flew by. Needless to say, he caught nothing, but he had the fun of trying.

Later, he got to play the game Doug hate, hate, hates, “mousies in the cabinets”. Says Doug, it isn’t that the game is a tedious one, it’s just that Andy always wants to play it when I’m making a cup of coffee or preparing a meal.

The coffee ritual is a timed one, so Andy wanting to play “mousies in the cabinets” makes the simple task of making a cup of coffee harder than it needs be.

As for interrupting meal preparation, that’s another activity that has steps to follow, and a kitty wanting to play his favorite game when I’m preparing a meal means there’s the risk of forgetting a small but critical step like adding sugar to a dessert. 

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