09Nov22: boop!

It gets Andy purring!


It finally was election day in America. Granted, early voting’s been on for weeks in many jurisdictions – I sent in my vote by mail in early October – but there’s a wide variety of counting methods, with some states counting mail-in votes after the ones cast on election day, making some races unsettled for days after the election. It used to be you had specific results on election day, which was nice.

On the other hand, being able to request a ballot by mail and posting the marked ballot back to the county clerk for counting is appreciated by this fellow who uses a walker or cane to get around. Being a responsible, participating citizen is easy.

25 thoughts on “09Nov22: boop!

    • Fone thing about living in Nebraska, it rarely is a surprise that virtually all winners in all races have an “R” by their names. The guy my Congressional district sends to Washington only got 75% of the vote. In a proper totalitarian state, it would be at least 97%, eh?!

    • Florida does, at least, get their count done pretty soon after the polls close. The Western stats – Nevada and Arizona – should take a look at how Florida counts millions of votes so fast compared with those states’ relatively small amounts.

    • Much easier and it helps to sit at home and think and research candidates and issues rather that do it off the cuff at the polling station. Even in my state where there’s no doubt a Republican is likely to fill every or most seats at all levels of government, there are times one may chose not to vote for a candidate for some reason or there are four people running for two places types of situations. Some of those local elections are the hardest to vote for because there aren’t millions of dollars spent on advertising and soliciting for city council seats, for example! The local paper does post articles on candidates at that level, but they usually come out after I’ve voted. So far, I have voted for credible people, based on alternate sources of information.

      • You have a good plan, Doug. I was getting spam texts from the candidates here, each one is promptly blocked, goodbye! I don’t care who they are, they can’t abuse my phone.

        • 9/10ths of my emails this past election season were from both parties since I’ve been registered as one or the other until I joined that great, big middle of voters who feel neither party is a particularly good match for my values. I marked all spam, yet variations kept coming through to be spammed the next day! I couldn’t end the spamming by both parties. Hundreds, maybe thousands of emails flooded my computer. I’m glad we’re back to a saner time, though FI bet I’m still getting solicitations from both parties.

          • I think there will be a restructuring of the Republican party into the genuine conservatives who work with the Democrats to slow down their heavy spending and/or tendency to move too fast on big priorities. The other Republicans, those who are anti-government, will break off into a separate libertarian party. If it doesn’t happen, I can’t see how the Republicans can survive. I used to be registered as a Republican till the party started to look less and less like what I value. I’m an “unaffiliated” now, neither/nor.

    • Thank, Michel. The delay in the counts in some critical states is exasperating. Florida has millions more votes than both Nevada and Arizona. We have the Florida results already but those Western states may take till next week to finish counting their votes because of the way they do it.

    • Gad! At this point, it pretty much is up in the air and not totally bad or good from the standpoint of, well, any concerns I have. More than half of the Trumpians have been defeated, yet some election deniers have got voted in. I suppose there will be lots of frivolous lawsuits and recounts that can be asked for but prove nothing but serve to obstruct progress. Those who want to cut government down to the point of killing it off seem unable to understand that just opens up something else, not necessarily something benign. I feel very stressed out at the moment.

  1. The old Cartusian Death Grip eh, Weggers?
    Marvellous! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve used it on my old woman.

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