12Nov22: snooping…again

Andy likes to snoop.

Nothing here of interest.

Oops! Andy sees me.

Snooping’s OK, Andy. This is your home, too. 


This week’s going to be a cold one here in Nebraska, with daytime temperatures at freezing or slightly below. I’m not ready for temperatures that low, so probably will spend most of my time inside, blankets on my lap to help keep me warm till I get the temperature setting on the electric heat at a comfortable level. I usually get the initial setting too high, turning my apartment into a tropical sweatbox. I get it right after the temperatures settle down into late autumn, early winter levels. Snow might happen next Thursday.

23 thoughts on “12Nov22: snooping…again

  1. The weather is strange in here…. Sometimes temperature rising and suddenly going down… which season we live I can’t say but they say snow coming soon…. Be inside, in warm with Lovely Andy, Thank you, Love, nia

    • I try to use mine daily so I can collect data on Excel to print out for my nephrologist and nurse practitioner. I have some heartbeat irregularities that mine notes with an icon, and that information is also helpful for them. Occasionally, I’ve had to get EKGs when the irregularities were of concern.

  2. Much like Andy, our cats are little investigators, too. Hope you stay warm enough! We’re going into the mid-twenties tonight and it’s really early for our temps to be that low.

    • Yeah! I don’t know if lake effect weather joins that Pacific-generated cold front (I think that’s where this originated…), but I suspect Michigan is in for worse than I saw here.

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