25May23: miller hunt # 2…

The miller sits there, tantalizing, yummy, RAWR-able!

A strategically poor move on the miller’s part!

Andy missed; the miller survives for another hour! 

Of course, maybe this is a stupid one, relatively speaking. Yeah! “Stoopid-duh” stupid.


…or not.

Andy pretends he wasn’t moth-hunting.

Better yet, he pampers his precious!


Andy’s kill total stands at zero. He’s had lots of fun trying, though, and it sure beats artificial bugs!


18 thoughts on “25May23: miller hunt # 2…

    • He is tenacious, Dolly, yet that is when he is his most so! If videos uploaded more easily or if all, you’d be amazed at how much activity happens inside that lamp shade! If Andy were to knock the lamp over, that would be the time.

        • I can make them, I just can’t upload the ones I shoot with my smart camera. Well, I could live-load them on Facebook, then post a link or something, but I have a thing about wanting to edit them, something Microsoft wiped out a couple major changes ago. I can send about eight seconds of video via g-mail because of the size of the files.

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