26May23: while Andy sleeps…

What cheek!

A miller circumnavigating the lampshade…right above Andy!

A miller’s gotta do what a miller’s gotta do.

Yeah, fly over to the wall to taunt the cat even more!

“Nyah! Nyah, kitty boy!”

Everyone knows millers are nasty. This just adds to that sense of it.


Andy never did wake up to swat that bug!

26 thoughts on “26May23: while Andy sleeps…

  1. “….miller circumnavigating the lampshade.”
    Made me smile… This was so lovely cats actually not easy to understand… They create their own world… Thank you dear Doug, Love, nia

  2. Miller moths are a feline favorite for sure. The Gray Menace went on many campaigns against the evil millers. I see that Andy is concerned with protecting you from their evil grip too.

    • When the light’s off, the millers go elsewhere. The possibility of a lamp knocked over, though, is a concern.

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