07Sep23: miscellany…

Andy stops by to let me know it’s “feed the kitty” time.

This is wee Dougy when he was maybe three months old. He liked to sleep on my computer desk, with his paw over my mouse hand. Andy and I still miss his funny brother.

This is the late Louie the ginger cat in his favorite “bird watching” spot. He was a favorite at the care center. They saw him walk by on his rounds. I think he hunted insects there, too.

Louie was a very handsome kitty boy!


I came across these old photos of late Thomas kitties yesterday and decided to share them with you. The Andy photo is a new one. He’s still around, of course!

22 thoughts on “07Sep23: miscellany…

  1. Awww, baby pictures always make me choke up! I’m a little sorry I don’t have any photos of Sunny as a kitten, but I imagine she was cute…and not as ornery as she is now. 😀

    Louie is indeed a beautiful ginger tabby! I love the way his stripes go from orange to blonde. He must have been a real charmer.

    • lzouie was very much a people pleaser, but beat up other cats. Once he came home with a bite on his butt and had to have a veterinarian visit for care. He hated that an hid for a time in the guest bathroom bathtub!

      • That’s hilarious! Sunny is exactly the same, loves humans but hates other cats. She would regularly shred the next door neighbor’s cats if any of them came into our backyard. One morning she came home covered in blood, and I thought she was bleeding from a wound. When I cleaned her up however, I found not a scratch: the blood was entirely from someone else. Anyway, those days are over, since I keep Sunny locked up indoors. She still screams threats at the feral cats wandering within view of her window, but they know she can’t get them!

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