15Sep23: “Git yer Greenies, Andrew!”

It’s Andy’s “Treat Time”! Hey, Andy! Come get your treats!

~  nom! nom! nom! ~

Let me get that “Andy leaves the auditorium” shot before you go, Andrew! 


I got a very late start this morning. It is rare that I haven’t put together one or more posts before the day they show up in your feed, but it happens. Anyway, Andy and I are “here” (alive; above ground; warm; not dead yet; amongst you still), though Andy wasn’t happy I pointed the camera directly at him for the establishing shot, below:

The little rascal blinked in time for the shot, a residual behavior going back to when my little Nikon digital camera blinded him with a flash. Too bad, though, because I like to have at least one decent photo of my kitty boy in each post!

The smartphone camera function can flash, as Andy suspects, but there are enough lighting and editing features on the newer technology to take care of most photo editing issues.


My apartment cleaning continues, though a full dumpster stalled progress for the past few days. No point in creating bags of crap that have to sit around till the dumpster is emptied today. (There is a half-dumpster load waiting to be taken out now!) When I started this clearing out last January, I thought I’d be done a long time ago, but I hadn’t counted on obstructive heart disease and a hospitalization wiping me out for a time.

After release from the hospital in April, I began a life of fighting oxygen cannulas and tripping over the oxygen line, which (to top it off) always got tangled on things in the apartment and my walker. You’ve never heard such strings of vulgarities in your life as those uttered from my mouth. (No, my mother never heard me say such things!)

With the new obstacles to continuing the decluttering of the apartment, I thought I’d have to hire a cleaner, so put things off till I realized I could work smarter and get the task done by myself. Yes, it is possible to vacuum sitting on a walker! Or clean up clutter. Or move trash bags to the door and toss them out to the back of my car, parked on the grass by the front door. The trick of using smaller trash bags, lighter loads, proved to be a great one, making this a much more viable option. 

The kitchen is largely decluttered and organized now; the north bathroom and south guest bedroom and bathroom are reasonably decluttered, with some touch up to do; the front room is my current project since most of the decluttering is on the computer desk and by my glide rocker – minor pickup and sort work; the dining room table and the wall behind it is a mess that might take a bit more time to do because stuff there probably will have to be trashed or put away in different places; my bedroom will be last, I think. It used to be where I “hid” things when company came and I didn’t have other places sorted out then. Some obsolete electronics, for example, are there, waiting for me to believe there is no point keeping them! 

It sounds like a lot left to do and it is. I am comfortable, though, knowing that I’ve worked out the way to do it so I don’t leave a mess for someone else to do after I die or am moved to a care center. Have to be realistic about these sorts of things!

Andy says it’s time to stop writing about it and time to start cleaning and sorting!


18 thoughts on “15Sep23: “Git yer Greenies, Andrew!”

  1. I hope you aren’t thinking that Dying or the Care Home is coming up, quickly. I like the fact you are Decluttering and that you are thinking of others but hopefully you are also doing it for your own comfort.

    • I definitely am decluttering for me, too! Just being about to have working space on the kitchen counter beats working as best I can on the stove top makes it worthwhile!

  2. Bless you for the god job you are doing ! I need to be doing the same but just can’t muster the energy to do much…and keep running across books I thought I’d read in my retirement so I begin…

    • There is a spot to be done last that holds several books that are yet to be read. There is no coincidence that I will do it last! (I get it!)

    • That they are. I hate to put them in the dumpster. In fact, I think there are environmental reasons not to, but recycling where I live is limited to some paper products, maybe glass. In the meantime, there are some cluttering my apartment. I may end up putting them in the dumpster anyway if I can’t find a better solution. I know a person who repairs old televisions, but I think his area of expertise is the old tube televisions, not the nonworking flat screen tv’s I have cluttering the place.

    • I look at it this way: It took me almost 19 years living here to get it to this mess, so any steps toward clearing out the clutter that take less than that length of time make it a snap! (Of course, that’s self-delusion, but it’s working so far!)

        • I think you got it to the whole group, or to Lavinia and mine the first comment but the first and second comments both appear in my feed. Maybe I don’t understand what you mean. Anyway, Leah, I think you got it right or right enough. I saw both comments and it’s always nice to see you’ve left something to read!

          • Doug, thanks, it’s nice to hear you welcome my comments, lol. What I mean is, there’s a way you can comment as a reply to another individual’s comment. It will be indented under their name. They will then be notified they have a reply. They may or may not get a notice if you reply to the whole group. I work on the phone and sometimes miss starting comments in the group reply area. Am battling illness, and distracted by rowdy cats.

          • I’ve had comments float to the top instead of under the comment by a reader I was replying to. Anyway, now I follow what you meant!

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