Post 1348: the bad [kitty] boys of Lane 2…

We have some bad habits here on Lane 2, and I confess I contribute to the mayhem….


Dougy destroys furniture, including his ottoman. Bad kitty!

I oftentimes eat breakfast in the living room while watching the early news. Bad boy! I put the plate on the floor, which attracts Andy…

…and Andy licks my plate clean, especially if he finds milk or butter on it. Bad kitty!

Yep, the bad boys of Lane 2. Tsk! Tsk!


On a happier note, mug contest winner Ellen features her new Andy and Dougy mugs in her blog today. Take a peek! Phoebe the kitty says, “Hmm. bad kitties. Mrow!”

Post 1281: Dougy watches “My Cat From Hell”…

I don’t know if Dougy picks up bad behaviors from watching Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat From Hell”, but he did do a “butt drag” on the carpet after watching an episode of the bad kitty program the other day. Bad kitty!


Post 1169: BOO!

Sometimes, when I least expect it, Dougy or Andy sneaks up on me and startles the bejeebers out of me!

10416 do0ug in yer face.jpg


10416 doug scared.jpg

“…must check my pants!”