Post 1281: Dougy watches “My Cat From Hell”…

I don’t know if Dougy picks up bad behaviors from watching Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat From Hell”, but he did do a “butt drag” on the carpet after watching an episode of the bad kitty program the other day. Bad kitty!


26 thoughts on “Post 1281: Dougy watches “My Cat From Hell”…

    • I was scandalized the first time I saw Dougy do it. “…but…YOU…are…a cat!” LOL! I still don’t appreciate it, bit realize cats also sniff other cats’ butts, too, doggy style. Sometimes, Andy and Dougy sniff each other’s butt at the same time and clearly enjoy it a lot.

    • Mes deux ne semblent pas dérangés par la plupart des bruits, et ils regardent des vidéos pour de courtes périodes avant qu’ils ne se lassent. L’oiseau semble sur la vidéo, en fait, rend les chats très agités!

      My two get excited by the bird :chatter” on the videos. For the most part, though, they aren’t frightened by most noise. We have incredibly noisy thunderstorms in this area, but they only react if the thunder is from a strike close to us.

  1. He probably was just itchy. It’s interesting none of my gang care to watch anything on a screen even when there is a lot of movement.

    • He can lick that itch….! LOL! He doesn’t have hemorrhoids or parasites (We do make sure things like this are checked out by Dr. Y, his veterinarian!), so it probably was that itch. Fortunately, he doesn’t leave “streaks”.

        • Dougy get L-Lysine to help his immune system. (Andy gets it, too, though he isn’t specifically in need of it. It’s in a paste form that gets mixed in their wet food.) I can vouch for their digestive systems. Ew! I can’t leave the litter boxes two days in a row, believe it! Sometimes I think food goes straight through them without anything staying with the kitties!

          • I was in a cat meetup witha man who had been a medical school professor and he told me cats actually have one of the shortest digestive tracts of any animal. Given they are no longer living on wild prey you may be closer to the truth than you think. LOL

    • If you’ve seen the show, you know cats from hell are, well, pretty hellish! The two episodes Dougy saw included a cat that ripped a Chihuahua’s ear when she tried to be a friend with the cat and another cat that had elevator butt, a condition where the cat elevates its butt and sprays urine like a flame thrower because it didn’t learn how to squat and pee like they usually do. I certainly don’t want either of those behaviors here! I watch the show myself to pick up on reasons for behaviors that might help me be a better cat buddy, and it has been helpful.

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