Post 1348: the bad [kitty] boys of Lane 2…

We have some bad habits here on Lane 2, and I confess I contribute to the mayhem….


Dougy destroys furniture, including his ottoman. Bad kitty!

I oftentimes eat breakfast in the living room while watching the early news. Bad boy! I put the plate on the floor, which attracts Andy…

…and Andy licks my plate clean, especially if he finds milk or butter on it. Bad kitty!

Yep, the bad boys of Lane 2. Tsk! Tsk!


On a happier note, mug contest winner Ellen features her new Andy and Dougy mugs in her blog today. Take a peek! Phoebe the kitty says, “Hmm. bad kitties. Mrow!”

28 thoughts on “Post 1348: the bad [kitty] boys of Lane 2…

  1. It is OK to be naughty when you are as cute as Dougy and Andy. 🙂 You know my kitties are naughty if you read Sammy’s poem today.

  2. Hey, we checked your archives and you’ve been around a long time, but we’ve not met before. We just saw your link on 15andmeowing. We interview cats for Would you like to do an interview with us? You can use the contact form in our sidebar to let us know.

      • You need to click on the blog link not the gravitat to find our blog. We got a notice you signed up to follow our blog by email but you’re signed up to follow our WP placeholder that NEVER gets updated. Hate to leave a comment on WP blogs for that reason.

        • I have the same problem on Blogger blogs. This time, I had the screen enlarged to 150% for another activity where the text was in a tiny font. Once I realized that, I changed it to 100%, saw the correct place to sign up to your blog, or I think I did. (Hate those Captchas! The one that came up this time, though, was very readable, so I didn’t get eight in a row like I did for the last Blogger blog I subscribed to! Or think I subscribed to – it’s never clear until I see the blog updates in my email.)

          We can do the “interview” by email:
          I’ve done these that way before, at least. I’ve never done it with a Blogger blog before.

  3. Andy is just pre-washing, trying to help out. The dogs do it all the time. If I forget, Lucy just sticks her head in the dishwasher to do her “chore.” Can you trim Dougy’s nails? I used to have success with that with my cats.

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