24Jul20: on the hunt…

I tossed a few of Andy’s kitty treats in the carrier the other day to divert his attention from his upset at being in the carrier for transport to the veterinarian’s. Today, he climbed in to see if any were left.


I could see him eating a Greenie, so the hunt was a success. Then he climbed on top of the carrier for…

…a cat nap.


Andy will be on a prescription diet to control formation of kidney stones. This is condition is common in older Persians, Though his blood pressure was better than last Winter, it still is elevated. He will continue to be on medication for that condition. Other than those two issues, Andy had excellent test results. One test remains. I get to collect a poop sample for that,,,,

24 thoughts on “24Jul20: on the hunt…

  1. Our furiend at SweetPurrfections had an issue with kidney stones, too. Like Andy, she might be on medicine now, too. I’ll cross my paws that she and Andy don’t get anymore stones.

    • He doesn’t have them, just is likely to develop them, a Persian curse. So, his diet is meant to anticipate that problem and (one hopes) avoid it in future.

    • He seems to be handling it pretty well. I see him, still, looking for him is spots he used to sleep, but he eats, sleeps, uses the litter box and plays the same as usual, which is pretty much all I hoped for.

  2. Glad Andy’s results were good and he is over the ordeal of being crated all day. My Sammy is on Hill’s c/d to prevent crystals-is that the one Andy needs?

    • Especially if the next step isn’t the veterinarian clinic! Dougy hated the ride but loved the chance to explore the clinic examination room. Andy anticipates temperature and blood pressure checks, neither of which he tolerates happily….

    • Thanks, Feline Opines! Dr. Y. has been Andy’s veterinarian since birth, and is very good with kitties unhappy to be there.

  3. I am glad to hear good news dear Doug, be fine together, and whisper my love to Andy too 🙂 for me. Thank you, Love, nia

  4. Good news on Andy! The poop sample should be easy to collect. If I need one here, with 8 cats, it is hard to tell whose poo belongs to whom unless I keep one in the guest room and shut them in by themselves. 🙂

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