11Jun20: Andy tolerates no funny business…


Andy is a serious kitty. He doesn’t put up with any funny business.



04Apr20: Caterday at last!


Andy ponders what to do now that Caterday finally is here.

Of course! A perfect activity for Caterday!















25Mar20: a slow start…

Andy plays hard to get.

Oh well. He plays on his stomach, but at least he plays!

Now he’s revved up! RAWR!


Post 2247: it is what it is…

Dougy’s proud of his handsome pelage. What he doesn’t know is he and Andy have an appointment at the groomers on November 6th…! (All the “stuff” on the floor in the lower right photo is cardboard Dougy’s scratched off his and Andy’s kitty lounger. So much for the notion kitties are “clean” animals. They will scoot on the carpet and knock over trash cans, too. I know. I know. I was shocked, too! You do know they butt sniff each other, too, don’t you? LOL!)

Post 2096: mockingbirds hold their own…

Dougy didn’t react to this insult.

Hard to believe Douglas barely touches the top surface of this mockingbird or…

…this. I mean, he really puts his kitty philosophy of “KILL! KILL! KILL!” on these kitty toys, snatching them out of the air and shaking them violently as long as they move, thanks to me.

The only damage on the bottom side is a little loose string or two on this mockingbird and…

…not much of anything I can spot on this one. Has Dougy given up? Is he putting on a kitty show for my benefi, but giving the mockingbirds a break for their sake? I think not! They just seem to be better made than most kitty toys. Andy is more gentle with them -“kill, kill, kill” instead of “KILL! KILL! KILL!” – but he still is pretty rough, just not as rough as Dougy, when it comes to kitty toys.