Post 1717: glamour puss…



Dougy’s always available for glamour puss shots! But he’s not the only kitty boy in the home.


Whoa! What was that moving at high speed into the bedroom? The Loch Ness monster…on land? While doing glamour puss shots, a passing photographer caught a grainy shot of – what? – the mysterious Andysaurus of Lane 2?!

While Dougy always is available for glamour puss shots, Andy, of late, has become a rare sighting. It has to do with staying away from me after he gets his daily medicine.

Post 1251: A Christmas greeting from a couple of cats…

No, not Andy and Dougy (though they do wish you a blessed Christmas), but from my friend Deborah’s Charles and André, here in a holiday photo slide show.

“Meow! Meow!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Deborah assures me Charles enjoys dressing up, and that he purrs while in costume. On the other hand, Dougy and Andy prefer to walk around in their birthday suits!

Post 368: How to change a mood.

One thing I find fun about editing videos is finding the right combination of length and content.

The two videos below are essentially the same content, other than title, caption, and music. Your job, if you chose, is to decide which better enhances the visual of me waking Dougy while he tries to sleep by my arm when I’m on my computer.

Example ONE: “Wake the Kitty Time!” ~ ~

Example TWO: “Don’t Wake the Kitty!” ~ ~

What do you think?

Post 343: What Andy saw…

What captured Andy’s attention yesterday while monitoring the error check I had run on my computer? Why was he transfixed?

The error check screen, of course!

The error check screen, of course!

Andy thought the computer error check screen was fascinating. I made a video showing how file data flashed by, the sort of thing a cat is bound to get wrapped up watching! It’s short. I’m pleased with how it turned out. Take a look!

“Mrow!” Andy said, which I’m pretty sure means he wants you to see it. Dougy might pull your leg, but Andy is as somber as a Presbyterian. Watch it, please. Don’t make a kitty cry! Those big Persian eyes will rip your heart out when they fill with tears!

Andy thanks you!