Post 480: Andy and the travelling toy

The travelling toy was by my bed this morning when I got up. Earlier, I stumbled on it in the dark in the bathroom. Yesterday, when I took this photo of Andy, it showed up by the boys’ water fountain, in the kitchen, and my bedroom.

andy 26 jul 14

Oddly enough, I rarely see either of the boys carrying it. I’m not moving it though, and I don’t believe in ghosts. It has to be — it better be — getting moved by the cats!

16 thoughts on “Post 480: Andy and the travelling toy

  1. Aw yes the ghost toy. Ali has the big cat nip bird that travels and disappears and when we decide to go buy another one it shows up again.
    I was thinking of getting a pet fountain. Do you find them easier and do the boys drink more water from the fountain?

    • The boys have had one of these fountains since they were kittens, and they do make good use of it. I used to have just one of them, but the water here is so hard that cleaning it takes a fair amount of vinegar and time to complete. Louie, the cat I had before Andy and Dougy, got water from a glass bowl. The fountain basin holds a gallon of water when filled to the recommended maximum level, more if you wish, so your pets are assured water pretty much when they need it, even if you forget to check the level for a few days.

      Once I decided to get a second one to rotate in use with the first one, I found I did a better job of cleaning the one waiting to go into use because I didn’t have a couple of cats hanging onto me wondering where their fountain went! The unit comes with excellent care and operation instructions. If you follow them, the fountain gives excellent service with no breakdowns.

      I rotate the two fountains I have once a month or if the water flow slows down because of Persian cat hair clogging the holes the water circulates through.

      I do recommend the fountain. This particular brand holds plenty of water for two cats, and I think they appreciate the aerated filtered water compared with plain water. (I had a small problem when the pump didn’t pump water out the spout because I didn’t properly align the filter holder when I reassembled the fountain after cleaning. The boys didn’t drink as much water during the few days if took to get a new pump – which I eventually learned I didn’t need! Until you get used to reassembling the thing, there are so many little parts, it’s easy to forget to put everything on in the proper order. Don’t toss the instructions if you get one because you probably will want to refer back to it for the first few months you use it.)

      There is a stainless steel version of this brand I tried and don’t like because of mineral deposits that made it look terrible and a weird clip system for holding the center fountain in place. Apparently there are cats that are allergic to plastic, the justification for the stainless steel version. However, the part that holds the filter and the parts that guide the water on top are still plastic, so I don’t understand how that helps p0ets with allergies to plastic.

      I haven’t tried the ceramic versions, so have no experience to relate to you. I imagine they would be good for the plastic allergy situation, maybe better for keeping clean, but more of a hassle for people like me who are fumble-thumbed and likely to drop the dang thing in the sink, breaking it!

        • LOL! Andy and Dougy operate in the same vein. I have to watch out for Dougy especially because he stretches out in the doorway leading to the bathroom. I haven’t stepped on him…yet! But I also walk carefully since I just have nightlights to guide me through a maze of toys and a black cat if I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night!

          • I think the black cat would do me in đŸ™‚ One grey one who insist on beating me to the bathroom and having a drink no matter what time of night is bad enough. One I couldn’t see would end me!

      • Neither have mine. They are indoor! :D. But work passes, pens and keys can be quite painful if layed out at the right place. And there was the story of the crab that disappeared from my sealed fish tank to re appear 2 years later…

        • LOL! What did the crab survive on…cat food?! Yeah, I have a terrible time keeping pens and other writing instruments away from my cats, too. I always seem not to have any pens by the computer, though I always think I should have at least one or two.

          • The crab was dead :o. But the cats solved the mystery of the missing crab… Spit in my hands. I thought it was a giant furry spider as I screamed my head of <.<. Cats gave me a perplexed look of what!!! You no like our present??? God knows where this thing was hiding in the flat for that long tho LOL

          • I laughed when I read that. Not at you, but in recognition of something I know about me: Had I come across the crab, I would have reacted exactly the same way! đŸ™‚

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