Post 825: Andy transformed…

I always have unusable photos of the boys. Some, though, can be transformed through a little Photoshop magic. Though some are beyond redemption, others manage to come out OK or interesting for one or another reason.

Here are a few trash shots I piddled with that came from a batch of photos that all were too dark and had a strong over-cast of yellow from the artificial light they were taken in:

Andy as a negative of a white cat....

Andy as a negative of a white cat….

A hint of tint...

A hint of tint…

Andy salutes the Scottish saltire. He's named after St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland.

Andy salutes the Scottish saltire. He’s named after St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland.

Andy, your worst nightmare!!!

Andy, your worst nightmare!!!

Worn out from all this posing….

12 thoughts on “Post 825: Andy transformed…

    • Actually, since Dougy came along a few days after I got Andy, I hadn’t thought about a second name for a kitty. When Dougy did come along, I knew I wanted to keep with the Scottish theme and name him a strong Scottish name. I posed the question to followers on another site (dailybooth): What are some great Scottish names? Anguis. Murdoch. And others that just seemed a bit intense for a kitten. Then I had an ephiphany: What’s more Scottish than my own name, Douglas!? So, the kitten became wee Doogie, to avoid confusion over which one of us was beiung addressed. Actually, I did a blog post about it some time back. Actually, ity’s a bit of a family in joke, though you have to read toward the last couple of paragraphs to learn why…!

    • Thanks! They are what they are, but what they were was so bad I could have deleted them and felt comfortable doing it. I had nothing to lose by piddling with the m on Photoshop, and the end results were interesting enough (to me!) I decided to save them.

    • šŸ™‚ I got pretty tired, too, because he didn’t cooperate and do what I was trying to get him to do. That’s how it is with pet photography, though. If you don’t have your camera ready at all times, you miss those little things you really want photos of. In this case, he was sprawled on the light stand, head resting on the lapboard in the foreground of the second photo. It looked terribly uncomfortable, but he was quite happy with the arrangement! He does have one paw stretched out over onto the lap board in that second photo. Imagine his head resting on top of that, but hanging slightly over the edge. That’s the photo I was trying to get. I couldn’t believe how ridiculously contorted and uncomfortable he looked, yet still managed to be sleeping!

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