Post 826: home movie time…again!

Videos of the boys as kittens and young cats were a hit, so I’m posting a few more videos today. It always is fun for me to revisit these videos — Andy and Dougy are my boys! — and they remind me what a good decision I made to adopt those two little kittens back in 2011 so soon after the death of the great Louie the ginger cat. 

Hope you enjoyed the show! =(^+^)=

20 thoughts on “Post 826: home movie time…again!

  1. I really like Temptation- Andy’s eyes look extra pretty. I have a plastic bag chewer named Penny. I guess that spinning toy wasn’t as exciting as a box 🙂

    • Andy is the brother of the two that is most likely to eat plastic and cost me a couple thousand dollars for a major surgery….! I have to watch him very closely around anything crinkly or plastic.

    • I was just getting into video making with my little point-and-shoot when I had Louie, but I did make a few videos of him. I’m glad to have them! I’ve attached links to a couple of them for you to sample. Louie was a great cat, and had lots of cattitude.

    • It definitely was over sold in the advertisements. Like most toys, they go crazy with it for a time, then they get bored and won’t play with it for a few weeks. I just set it aside and bring it out periodically to test the waters. Both cats pretty much have the toy figured out, though, and usually lie next to it and let the gizmo come to them instead of chasing it around like giddy kittens. LOL!

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