Post 835: Andy’s lazy day…

Andy enjoyed several naps today, as did Dougy. They are cats, right?! But, at one point Andy realized he had important cat business at the back window.

“I should do something productive today…!”

Andy guards the back window. You never know what naughty birds are going to do in the fir!

Andy guards the back window.
You never know what yummy birds are going to do in the fir!

30 thoughts on “Post 835: Andy’s lazy day…

    • Andy is a screen climber. He gets very excited when his brother and he are chasing each other (for play time) or when he sees something outside he wants to eat. His strategy is to pull the screen off the window and to get out. I can’t open windows even with screens for that reason because he regularly climbs on screens. At his weight (about 4.6 kilograms), he easily pulls the screen away from the frame. Dang cat!

    • As a retiree, I have the luxury to emulating my kitties. Some days one just has to not be productive, sort of like taking a mini-vacation from responsibility. Similarly, one needs to have specific goals the rest of the time or one becomes too relaxed! LOL! :\

      • I hear you, I find myself slipping into the ‘too relaxed’ mode too many days of the week. My bad habit is fed by having a legitimate excuse, lol. As you know, the everyday ‘normal’ can be overwhelming at times. The heat and humidity exacerbate that condition too. When I had my Eskie I shaved his hair off in the summer as he just could not stand the heat. They were inside dogs so there was no danger of sunburn and he just could not stand it. I think about your kitties being as full coated as my Samson. Do you have air conditioning?

        • Yes, I have air conditioning, and I use it when the temperatures warrant it. Other than that, the boys get groomed every other month, which includes a hair trim. Their groomer adjusts the length she cuts to the season to some degree. Also, they know all the coolest spots in the house. The drier, for example, is metal, so is cool. They sleep on the floor int the bathrooms, which are cool. Basically, they find the coolest spots to nap or spend the day. I also make sure they have access to plenty of water. Their fountain holds several days’ worth of water, though I refill it when it gets down a third or half way just to make sure they always have it when they want it. They’ve always been good about drinking water and have been since kittenhood.

  1. I think it’s so funny the way cats will be napping one second then Boom! run into the next room like there’s a meeting or something they can’t miss. (dogsmile)

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