Post 836: kitty nap time…

Both boys take their daytime naps. Well, all three of us do, to be honest! Yet I never know where the cat brothers will chose to nap on any given day. They are as secretive as Saddam Hussein was, moving from “palace” to ‘palace” each nap time to avoid whatever inside kitties fear most, each other most likely since they are siblings and fight and play like brothers do!

I located Andy's secret lair today.  It's an old one he's not used for some time.

I located  sleepy Andy’s secret lair today.
It’s an old one he’s not used for some time.

Yes, once again Andy's nap times are in the clothes drier.

Yes, once again Andy’s nap times are in the clothes drier.

19 thoughts on “Post 836: kitty nap time…

  1. haha…they are amusing in their preferences. I wonder why they choose some places and not others? For example: why would kali throw all the nice cuddly blankets out of her basket and sleep on the hard binding? This makes no sense to me but she’s happy.

    • Yeah, I’ve wondered about that,. too! My boys do exactly the same thing. The only thing I can come up with is the hard surfaces always are cooler than the ones with cloth of any sort on them.

    • It’s good to know there are cats that actually use the things we give them for their comfort! My two tend to be ungrateful wretches on many things, then highly enthusiastic about things one doesn’t expect to get them excited.

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