Post 909: smoking hot Caturday…!

I think my kitties are pretty cute, but I’m prejudiced. On the other hand, when I ran Dougy’s photo through a “How Sexy Is You Profile Photo?” gizmo on Facebook, it came back with the astounding result below:

smoking hot
Dougy is a “sex kitten” apparently. Who knew? Who knew…!?

33 thoughts on “Post 909: smoking hot Caturday…!

    • I ran a photo of the late Louie through one of those silly things that was supposed to tell if you were good looking. Of course, as a cat, he failed all human beauty standards, and the assessment was brutally mean about how “ugly” he was. I wish I had that still. It was a hoot! This new one pretty much got Dougy right, though. LOL!

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