Post 927: “I ‘recline’ to comment on that…!”

What’s the best place to sit and relax in the apartment? Ask the cats! 

What's this? A dark presence in the recliner....!

What’s this? A dark presence on the recliner…!

(Should I hide like Dougy? )

Hmmm. A closer look reveals the culprit!

Let’s shed a little light on the subject…..
Why, it’s Dougy, of course! You’d expect the kitties to find the best seat in the house…then take it!

43 thoughts on “Post 927: “I ‘recline’ to comment on that…!”

          • Hang on I’ll have a look… Haha, liked that mate. Also liked the Guilty Cat compilation. Ah well, I’d better get back to sorting out the kitchen – in a right state. Trying to get a permanent place for everything now I’ve got the drawers made up – but what a mess sorting. TTFN

          • Moving into a new flat is a tedious process. I know how that finding a spot for everything goes – or doesn’t! – ha! Have fun. It sounds like you’ve had some help with your move, but that still doesn’t resolve every moving issue, does it?

          • I’ve had help from Steve of Age Concern UK and me mate BJ and cyber mate Duncan has been three times all the way from Birmingham to help out and keep me company.
            I’m lucky, but as you say, getting stuff to go where one planned it to and then it doesn’t, causes many delays and annoyances. Hehe!
            Only got front room, bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom. Good job I don’t have more or I would be in a bigger pickle! Hehehe! Thanks mate, take care.

          • I just got my annual notice of changes in charges for my apartment, and, of course, it’s going up for next year even though they haven’t made a single improvement in the property in the 11 years I’ve lived here. Love it!

          • Sorry for the Polish at the first of that – I’ve since corrected the typos, but the first few words looked a bit consonant heavy for a time there! Anyway, that pretty much cover it. (Swine, I mean.)

          • The Obergruppenfurhers here at the flats have informed me I must stop putting things out on me balcony to dry like I did last Friday… I have not been out on my balcony for a month now? Hey-ho, I’ll try to see them later and explain. Tsk!

          • The rent nazis just informed me I have to pay for a three bedroom apartment next year. Curious that: The apartment has two (2) bedrooms. I’m looking into the legal definitions of “bedroom” and who to inform of fraudulent rental practices in case the rent nazis continue to insist I live in a three bedroom apartment. I understand your grief!

          • Checking up on various government and commercial sites for a definition of “bedroom”, I found nothingh to support calling my two bedroom apartment a three bedroom. I will use this knowledge when I talk with “The Man” (who, in this instance, is a woman….).

          • I found similar descriptions on various sites.I called the lady in charge of the aprtments this morning, with a happy outscome: I won’t have a rent increase (this year), because I’m already paying the amount they charge for a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. Apparently, she’s had lots of people call or visit her about this issue, and it didn’t take any real effort to get things straightened out to my satisfaction. Whew!

    • Most days he does…! I guarantee Andy polices that carrier, though, and if Dougy gets on it, Andy chases him away! They get along most times, but that’s one thing that gets Andy upset.

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