Post 926: National Black Cat Day today~!

I celebrate black cats every day, but there is one day of the year it is official: Yes, today is National Black Cat Day! 

If you follow this blog, you know Andy and Dougy stand in well as ambassadors for the black cats of this world. They are my joy. They make me laugh!

Dougy's exhausted from all these decisions! Poor kitty!!

They are ornery, but I always forgive them.

Yes, that's the wastepaper basket in the kitchen, a favorite one for the kitties to knock over.

They get me up before the cows come home to “feed the kitties”, then they go back to bed after they eat.


They are affectionate but don’t want to be held too long because they have important cat business to take care of, always! When they are really magnanimous, they let me play with them!

Dougy (on left) in his box; Andy in his. The boys worked it out, then Dougy ran off on cat business, leaviong both boxes to Andy. More about that tomorrow!

They are my little buddies! I look forward to seeing them first thing when I wake up each morning, and having them around me all day.

I’m not alone in my enthisiasm for black kitties. Here’s what DrNworb (Doug Brown) of Vancouver, BC has to say on the subject:

53 thoughts on “Post 926: National Black Cat Day today~!

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    • There’s another one in August. I learned about it from Doug Brown’s video and some other posts on Facebook. I don’t follow these things very closely, though I am very much in favor of anything that benefits black kitties!

  2. Mr. M considers himself to be a black cat ambassador, too – and the dear ole guy hopes people overlook his socks, whiskers and ‘cravat’ ;-)… btw, we think he brings good luck.

    • Tuxedo cats count as black cats, and are among the prettiest of the species. My sister has two of them, Sox and Molly, and they are beauties! I haven’t seen Taco the tuxedo cat around here lately, but he was a beautiful little tuxedo cat, and Pepe, another tuxedo kitty, who lives one lane over, still brings joy to his human and anyone who likes cats. I think they all are perfect ambassadors for black kitties!

          • I guess I always considered M black because he is over 90% black – he is the same percentage for snuggly. Purr might become a cuddly someday, but I suspect it won’t be any time in the near future.

          • My two are four years four mnopnths old. Andy tolerates being cuddle…if you can catch him! Dougy fights it shortly after you pick him up. Both are slowly becoming more cuddly, though. I think having to get medicated daily has helped Andy become more cuddlkesome since the routine involves holding him to keep him calm and comfortable till I give him the medicine. I talk softly to him, telling him what a good boy he is and how sweet, then I dose him! I continue to hold him after the dosing till he settles down, then I let him down for a kitty treat. Little by little, he’s become calmer during this procedure, though he doesn’t care for the medicine, of course.

          • I don’t think many like medicine. For certain, I don’t. I assumed that M was cuddlier because he was older and more settled, but it could be his arthritis, too.

          • I’ll say! I consider M to be quite the couch potato, but if he doesn’t want to snuggle, it is like catching a greased pig. Purrseidon is even sprier … fortunately, when she wants to go out, she will bring us her harness and/or leash.

          • I don’t know if there is any information on how to leash-train a cat, but I know I saw some for a dog. I shall post that when I find it…. As I recall, the same artist had several excellent info-graphics.

          • I know they recommend starting them as kittens. My sister in Seattle leash-trained her cat Sox, who she got as a kitten. She said it wasn’t the best exercise because he’s walk a little, then he’d stop and sniff the grass or something or he would want to climb up on a fence and walk along that. She said it took forever to go on walks with Sox! I used to walk with my ginger cat Louie. He set the pace and the agenda, and it was sometimes an embarrassment where he took me! Ha!


          • Mr. M learned late in life because it took a few years to tame him. I don’t know if he acts like Sox due to age or if his temperament is just slow and methodical. Purrseidon is a mix – if there is somewhere she wants to go, she can move at a brisk pace, but once she gets there (usually the beach) she takes her time to sniff everything.

          • LOL! That would pander to M’s worst cat instincts, you know. M probably would think “Well, this is what Jeanne should have done right along! What a silly person to think I’d actually WALK on a leash!!!”

    • In some cultures, black cats are considered good luck, so which is it? Good or bad luck? I say it’s good luck if you have the good fortune to have a black kitty because they are beautiful animals and (in my experience) nice kitties.

  3. I know a not yet retired American lawyer with three rescue black cats (all of them female) – who adores her black kitties as well. Sadly it seems that black animals in shelters are mostly overlooked 🙁

    • I don’t know how they are viewed in Germany, but there is a residual superstition among some people that black cats are bad luck or some such silliness. The attached video goes into the history of this attitude/superstition.

      It goes without saying, I don’t believe in that silliness or I wouldn’t have two black kitties!

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