Post 1021: busy day today…

Have to drive down to Scottsbluff today for doctor’s appointment. It’s related to the dialysis fistula I will have placed next Monday. Paperwork and a physical. Too bad I have to travel to take care of the humdrum parts of this process!

I don’t have much more to “talk” about today, and the photo of Andy (in the sun) and Dougy (trying to avoid eye contact with his brother) is from the series I posted yesterday.

If you follow cat body language, you most likely know this was just before Andy charged Dougy to give him “kitty dagger eyes of impudent brother’s impending tragic demise by kitty maw” or something like that. Well, there was a kitty chase and Dougy lost a little fur when Andy straightened him out.

The boys get along most of the time, but they do have special spots where they don’t tolerate the other brother. Andy’s sitting on one of those spots, and Dougy’s sitting on another of his brother’s special spots . Picture 66

27 thoughts on “Post 1021: busy day today…

  1. They have a precise idea of their territory and they have a behavior to protect their space of life . We see on the photo what is the visual language of the two .
    BTW bravo for your modern washer-dryer-steamer . Progress non stops. 🙂
    In friendship

    • My machine doesn’t have the steam feature, but believe me when I tell you I looked for it on the machines I looked at! It was made by LG, and that brand isn’t available locally.

      As for the cats, they get along like brothers get along, but territory still is territory! It always surprises me how Andy (shy with humans) can get very abrupt and specific with how he feels with his brother Dougy! I think even Dougy gets surprised by Andy sometimes.

  2. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers, Doug, that all goes well and you will be more comfortable.

    Our kitties all have their special spots too. Abby watches for Lucio trying to get her special shelf in the bookcase!

    • Oh those special spots! As sweet as Persians are, Dougy gets huffy if I put my feet up on HIS ottoman! He’ll hop on the ottoman, glare at me, and scratch the top to remind me it’s his special spot! Andy isn’t so rude with me, but when it’s his brother, he makes sure Dougy respects his spots.

  3. We all have our special “spots” that we would rather we sit in than someone else and why should the boys be any different? Shoko and Kali have there spots but usually they share but I’ve seen some pretty hairy disagreements too. There’s nothing like fur flying everywhere to make you realize that these guys are responsible for a furry floor and furry clothes…not to mention a spoonful of white fluff. Geesh.


    • How true,. Jean! I know I have been a bit this way when people want to help me with household chores. Since I had to show my occupational therapist I was able to vacuum using a cane, prepare my own meals, wash dishes, and wash clothes as part of the process of getting released to return home, having friends thoughtfully doing these things once I got home without realizing I was tested and passed on these items and more was upsetting. Well, once i explained this to them and they ignored me and did these things anyway, it turned into an irritation. (Oops! Andy and Dougy are “discussing” who gets to be on my walker as I type. Andy held out, and Dougy settled for the seat of the recliner, another spot they both have claims on.

    • Thank you, Sheldon. I know how powerful both are, and attribute prayer and positive attitude for my recovery from the initial bout of Wegener’s granulomatosis in 2003=2004, and subsequent health issues.

    • Thank you, Nia! My surgeon is one I’ve had do surgery on me before, and he is very good. I’m also familiar with the hospital, and they have been recognized for their excellence by various certification agencies. I feel good going into this surgery Monday!

    • Thanks, Chris! I’m not sure what it will be about other than making sure I am sound enough for surgery (yes), can answer a few questions, and can sign a few consent papers.

      (I’m getting lots of use from the afghan, thanks to cool weather up this way!)

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