Post 1174: Boys, boys, boys! Take turns!

The foot rest on the recliner’s become the latest hot spot for Andy and Dougy. Both claim it. Neither has successfully made it his exclusive spot.


Andy enjoys being on the foot rest.101016 andy over head.jpg

Dougy enjoys being on his ottoman.101016 dougy notes andy useme.jpg

“What?!” Dougy becomes aware of Andy on “his” recliner foot rest!101016 use me dougy dsitting up.jpg

Dougy complains to me. “My foot rest! Andy’s on my foot rest! 101016 dougy tells me hes poed.jpg

Andy prepares to escape from Dougy, if needed.101016-first-one-andy-recliner

Dougy’s shooed his brother away and claims the foot rest.101016 doug says go away.jpg

“I’ll be back!” Andy says darkly…. 101016-ill-be-back-use-me

The End?!101016-dougy-oin-recliner-useme-or-else

14 thoughts on “Post 1174: Boys, boys, boys! Take turns!

    • I’m sure that would make the squabbles worse because then I’d have to deal with, “Dougy stayed on it one minute longer than he’s allowed by schedule…!” And so on.

  1. hehe…A battle will ensue just for your enjoyment. my friend. We have the same drams over the stroller. The one not in the stroller wanders over and stares at the one inside…even putting their paws in the stroller. Then they pull their paws back and lay so that the one in the stroller can’t get out unless they jump on the one guarding. I don’t understand but it seems to make them happy. *shrugs shoulders*

    • LOL! I hope you aren’t in the middle when they “discuss” it! Dougy tried to get me involved in the dispute, and I told him he had to work it out with his brother. So…he hopped on the recliner and was a bully about it. Andy, however, returned a few minutes later when Dougy moved back to the ottoman, his first choice for a good snooze.

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