Post 1230: Are you comfortable, Andy?

I don’t get it. I buy cozy kitty beds for Andy and Dougy, provide them comfortable places to laze, yet they commandeer a magazine I’ve put on the floor for a sleep or…the vacuum cleaner cord, coiled on the floor??? 


What?!120516 use me andy.jpg

Yes, Andy’s resting on the vacuum cleaner cord! He decided to sleep there, too.120516 andy on electrical cord.jpg

37 thoughts on “Post 1230: Are you comfortable, Andy?

    • Another thing that amazes me is how my two will cock their heads almost upside down and sleep that way. I realize Persians have those pumpkin heads that must be hard to find a comfortable position for sleep, but it looks really uncomfortable.

  1. My gang use their beds but our floor is like ice even with rugs, The house sits in an uninsulated crawlspace. Your floor must be warm.

    • The carpet helps, but this duplex was built during WWII to house people building an air base. Though it was updated later, it isn’t insulated as well as a modern-built place.

      • Up until I was five we lived in a duplesx built at the same time for the same reason. My Dad always said the walls were so thin when he opened the medicine cabinet in the AM he expected to see our neighbor Mr Johnson staring at him.

        • There is good sound insulation between the two units here, probably since the units used to be four singles that were remodeled into two. Mine is the mirror opposite of he other, so there’s a spare bedroom and a bathroom backed up with the same on the other side of the divide. I never hear anything in the bathroom, and sometimes I hear, faintly, water running in he other bathroom.

  2. Well I got you beat….mine shit on the electrical strips, I think they can “feel” the electricity running through the plugs….AND YES, I do think electricity drips out from sockets with no light bulbs in it and, while not falling on my father, there was a night when the bed fell on me. ~~dru~~

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