Post 1232: “Take a photo, it’ll last longer…!”

I took Dougy’s photo several times while he relaxed in the recliner. He was not in the mood!



Dougy notices something he doesn’t like.

He's a bit perturbed!

He’s a bit perturbed!

"Stop that!"

“Stop that!”

"I mean it!"

“I mean it!”


So Dougy showed tail, then left the room1


13 thoughts on “Post 1232: “Take a photo, it’ll last longer…!”

    • The reason Dougy’s eyes are more often shown in photos these days is I’m using my smart phone instead of my point-and-shoot camera. The smart phone does a much better job in low light, and doesn’t need to have the flash as often. It was the flash that bothered Dougy, and he’d automatically shut his eyes when he saw the point-and-shoot camera! He as really pretty eyes, so I’m glad he usually has them pen for the smart photo photos

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