Post 1293: before and after

The kitty boys had haircuts and a bath yesterday. Dougy was good boy. Andy wasn’t exactly bad….but he was (apparently) moody. Just the same, they both came home looking pretty!





Dougy: AFTER





35 thoughts on “Post 1293: before and after

    • Yes, they can be. That’s why I encourage people who get excited when they see my kitties and say they think they want one for themselves to consider the realities: litter box cleaning, play time each day, veterinary and grooming costs, extra expenses for toys, food, etc. If a person isn’t able or willing to put up with those things, they probably should enjoy other people’s pets instead!

    • Thanks! They seem to enjoy it most of the time. (Note that Andy was a bit unhappy this time, but that had more to do with a dispute he and Dougy had before they went to the groomer.

    • Thanks! I alsways feel I get my money’s worth at the groomer’s, and the boys have a short window where they have reduced self-grooming problems. Long-haired cats have quite a task keeping their hair manageable, especially in the tough spots like under the chin.

    • The kitty boys always seem more active after a haircut, and I think they actually like the extra freedom of not caring for long hair. (Or maybe that’s me…! LOL!) Thanks!

        • They do pick up on moods, for sure! (I really enjoy the Benji videos, incidentally, and hope Ms. Zulu gets to do more cameos from time to time! She’s such a beautiful dog and it’s fun watching herding dogs at play.)

          • We will try to get Ms. Zulu more involved :). She is much happier now than she has been in a long time. Her ACL doesn’t seems to bother her anymore (knock on wood!) and she seems to be content with the amount of interaction she gets from Benji. I am still trying to get their herding game on video but they always seem to be in the mood for the game when I don’t have the camera with me!

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