Post 1377: yeah, snow again…

Dougy is interested, of course, but Andy is ready for spring weather. Me, too. I don’t know how much more snow there’ll be in the morning, but I hope not much more than this.


In the meantime, the kitty boys have to sort out what they’ll do while the door stays closed. Cabin fever in cats is not a happy thing!


18 thoughts on “Post 1377: yeah, snow again…

  1. I’ll trade you rain for snow! I think snow is pretty, but we seldom get it here in O-R-E-gon. Tell Andy & Dougy that I have a bit of cabin fever, too, waiting for the sun to show up!


    • They’ll be glad (! – sad?) to know that. Actually, we go most of the season without snow since the time of year we get the most precipitation in May-June. Of course, when we do get snow, it can really snarl things up. I love my VW Gold Sportwagen, but it is narrower and lower-built than is ideal for snow over four inches deep or so.


    • Lucky you! Sounds like that one windstorm was a mess. I consider it a good year if we escape snow in May. Stay tuned! Anyway, Andy and dougy slept a lot, played with the peacock feather, chased each other a few times, ate their kitty food, and enjoyed kitty treats, a typical day. I enjoyed my low key day, too!

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  2. I cannot plot my bloggers who have snow map without a clue where you are–Nunevik or Patagonia or I suspect somewhere in between. Your about page gives no clue and there is no spinning globe with flashing dots! (Very unsecure) Even a general clue would be nice.


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