Post 1376: Curiosity has its limits, kitties!

Andy has a new interest: the top of my head! I don’t mind him resting a paw or two on my head, but he’s given me some claw while satisfying his curiosity. Kitty, curiosity has its limits.


Speaking of gall, Dougy knows the top of the PC is Andy’s territory. That is not Andy on the PC!

(Please note Dougy’s “horns” are up. He knows he’s being naughty. He knows….)


I think the kitty boys are dealing with a touch of cabin fever.


18 thoughts on “Post 1376: Curiosity has its limits, kitties!

    • LOL! Det började med att Andy klappade mig på huvudet, som om han darrade mig, så avancerade han till att bara placera sin tass på mitt huvud. Jag har skrivit detta, han gav mig en “kärleksbit”! Jag ringde hans lek på den tiden!

      LOL! It started with Andy patting me on the head, like he was petting me, then it advanced to just placing his paw on my head. Aft6er I posted this, he then gave me a “love bite”! I called his play off at that point!

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  1. I love ❤️ how you call them “kitty boys”. It’s one of my favorite terms…even though I have one boy and one girl! Pam

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  2. hahaha…bored kitties are kitties ready to explode! Cabin Fever is a biggie around here. Us peeps get it too. The warmer weather has curbed any terrifying screams from Kali and allowed Shoko to investigate her territory.



    • Andy has become a lot less timid this year, which is good, yet he’s expresses it with kitty love, which involves a bit of pain for the recipient! After I posted this, he added biting my head to his kitty love. I did have to =stop that!

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    • It definitely adds to it. My friend in main says her two kitty boys are suffering major cabin fever because of all the snow. We’ve had enough warmish days where I live in Nebraska to let my kitty boys enjoy fresh air and an open door or two.

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