Post 1385: solar cats

With the thermometer approaching the low 80s (27-28°C), Andy and Dougy (in the photo above) turn into solar cats, lounging where the sun shines. In this instance, Dougy’s on the cat lounger by the back door. Good solar choice, kitty!

14 thoughts on “Post 1385: solar cats

  1. Those cats love a good sun spot! The dark coats can really soak up the heat.

    We had 2 days here last week in the mid 80s. It was 33 this morning, although it has reached the mid 60s this afternoon. The field temperature runs a few degrees cooler than what I see on the porch thermometer. We had some light nipping of my potato plants.

    • We don’t think of putting in garden till the last week of May here if we want to avoid frost or if we don’t use special techniques to protect from frost and cold.

      As for the kitties, they truly do take in a lot of solar energy!

  2. The dogs and I are right there with your solar cats. We just got inside from working (me), playing and resting (Lucy and Riley) in the sunny backyard.

  3. Are you trying to make us jealous? Really some cats peeps! MOL The temperature is 9C/ 48F here in sometimes sunny Prince George BC. I am looking for sun out in the backyard and Kali will come out when I finally find the sun. We are not solar cats or we’d freeze.


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