Post 1384: Caturday hijinks….

“Dang! Too thin to cornrow…!”
Andy practices braiding on Doug’s hair, such as it is.

Dang cat! Andy continues to be fascinated with my head. I’d be OK with it if he’d keep those claws in.


16 thoughts on “Post 1384: Caturday hijinks….

    • I would look goofy in thin cornrows, Jean, so I’m glad Andy didn’t have enough hair to braid. I especially enjoyed your Cinco de Mayo post, Shoko and Kali! Very much in the spirit of the holiday!


  1. My girl Echo starts with paws then chews hair. I had a cat years ago that gently licked & nibbled my baby’s cradle cap off. The nurse told me I could leave it but Danae disagreed our baby had to be perfect.


    • LOL! I can see that now! As for hair, Dougy pretty much is shed free since I brush him regularly, but Andy grooms the hair out of his fuir and oftentimes eats it. Just what we need, eh? Hairballs in the making! I take it away from him if i see him trying to eat it.


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