Frankie the Sniffer

I love ginger tabby cats, having had one myself (the late Louie the ginger cat), so this post was a real treat for me today! Frankie is one beautiful cat!

Charles asks the question about whether your cat(s) is/are “sniffers” on their walks. What do you say?

Also, I recommend anyone following my blog check Charles’ blog out. It’s on my “favorites” list.

Post 1474: “Is that a furball on Dougy’s ottoman?”

“Is that a furball on Dougy’s ottoman?” Andy queried me. It is a significant question because Andy wanted to go into the guest bedroom, but not have to go through Checkpoint Dougy to get there.

Uh oh! That furball is Dougy!


Andy wisely takes the recliner route to the destination, but he waits till Dougy isn’t watching to finish the trip.