Post 1493: “Kitties don’t like peanut butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam!”

The kitty boys had their kitty food, then watch me make my breakfast.

“You never know, today might be the day Doug (the human one) makes something we wee kitties like!” Dougy tells his brother, Andy.

IMG_20170825_011720 (1)

I seriously doubt peanut butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam comes up on the “Favorite Foods of Kitty Boys Who’ve Already Eaten” list, but Andy and Dougy watch me eat, closely.

“Maybe the blueberry yoghurt is for us,” Andy meows.

I patiently explain to Andy blueberry yoghurt, too, is off the kitty food list.

The two brothers absorb the scene of human food slipping down the gullet of Doug (the human one). 

Yum~yum~smack~yum! Doug clearly enjoys his breakfast, if those disgusting noises are any indication! (“What a piggy,” the kitty boys think, “but not like our buddy **Bacon the Vietnamese pot belly piggy. He’s nice!”) 

“Life is unfair, even if kitty boys won’t like peanut butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam! How do you know unless you let us try it?” both kitty boys hiss. 


Nothing ventured, nothing gained! A low light candid snap of Andy caught running off after sneaking a sniff – maybe a taste? – of what remains of my breakfast on the dirty plate.

No, you still don’t like peanut butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam, Andrew!


**Bacon is a real piggy and his blog is fun to read. The kitty boys got interviewed once by Bacon, something they enjoyed doing.  

Here’s where to find Bacon: