Post 1482: so the eclipse takes on a curious twist…


Curiosity is driving Andy wild! These boxes are different and Andy wants to hop right in!


Oh. So Amazon sold me eclipse glasses that could cause me to go blind. Great! I’m getting a credit and don’t have to return them at least.


No time to order glasses that meet the standard, so I go old school and make two pinhole viewers. My friend Craig, who’s coming to town for the eclipse at my invitation, will be surprised since he’s expecting eclipse glasses.

Fortunately, I’ll have the ding-dang thing over my head so no one will recognize me. Whew! Of course, there’s a good chance I will be laughing at the absurdity of it all. You put a box on your head and see what it gets you!


I live right on the path of the North American total eclipse that’ll occur August 21st. I’m ready…if I can keep the kitty boys from hopping in these tantalizing boxes! (I have them up high just in case.)

What will the eclipse look like in your Zip Code area? This popped up on Facebook”