Post 1495: OH or AW?

Whether you pronounce it scohnes or scawns , nothing tops a scone better than home-made jam.

Thanks to my friend Deborah, I happened to have three home-made jams to top the scones I made with lemon zest and sour cream. Man are they fluffy and light!

I prepared a plate with the three smallest scones, added fresh butter, and a quantity of each jam.

I started with the peach-hot pepper jam, which I’d opened the day the package of jams arrived, then worked clockwise around the plate.

peach-hot pepper jam

Peach-hot pepper – a perfect match with the buttery-sour creaminess of the scones! Yum! It’s tastier now than last time, thanks to time to age in the container.

blueberry-ginger jam

​Blueberry-ginger​ – I could eat this one all day! Not too sweet, just a nice burst of ginger. 

rhubarb-ginger jam

​Rhubarb-ginger​ – Deborah got this one exactly right to my tastes. Not too sweet, nice astringency, tartness worthy of the rhubarb herb. 


I liked them all! None was too sweet, all let the fruit or herb shine through, something most commercial jams fail to do by being too dang sweet.  


Yeah, this is a cat blog. I know. So here are the stars of this blog, Andy and Dougy:

sexy Andy!

Dougy in “dreamy boy” pose