Post 1491: the eclipse was…AMAZING!!!

Dougy was under-whelmed by the hubbub leading up to The Event. What is an eclipse to a kitty boy but another reason to take a nap?

Andy, on the other hand, was out in the dining room watching me clear the mess off the table so I could write a check and have a clean space for my friend Craig and me to eat lunch after the eclipse.

Being a snoopy boy, Andy joined me on the table. Who knows? Maybe there’s another lost new kitty toy up there! He sees something of interest, you bet. Something in a plastic bag, one of Andy’s bad vices. I have to dispose of plastic bags as soon as possible or he will…

…try to nibble them.


Of course, once I disposed of the bag (the glasses had to be set aside, too, before Andy chewed on them…), I had to give Andy a little loving to take his mind off the plastic bag!

And what of the eclipse? I took no photos because I knew a million better would be taken by people with proper tools. It was amazing! Please read my account to a friend in the page at the top labelled “The Eclipse”