Post 1484: A gift comes in the mail!

What’s up, Andy? Andy has a challenge to meet, but it requires some strategic thinking! He heard someone make noises outside the front door, and it turned out to be the USPS delivery person leaving a box! 


He tried to get into the box, of course, even put his front paws inside it before he decided it wouldn’t work for a kitty of his size. (I think it would, but I’m not Andy!)


Since he couldn’t get satisfaction with the box, he came over to me (see the foot?) to get some loving. After some nice “scritches”, I gave Andy kitty treats. He soon forgot the box.

But I didn’t! It held three jars of homemade jams made by my friend Deborah!


Peach-hot pepper, rhubarb-ginger, and blueberry-ginger jams from Maine! I could eat them on just about any type bread, but scones seems like the best bet. I bought the missing ingredients I needed to make the recipe in the morning, knowing the jams were on the way. Not a moment too soon!


Couldn’t wait! I had toasted English muffins with the peach-hot pepper jam for breakfast. Yum!  I’m saving the rest for those scones.

Thanks, Deborah! Andy may be disappointed with the box, but I enjoyed your peach-hot pepper jam a lot!



25 thoughts on “Post 1484: A gift comes in the mail!

  1. Homemade jam and precious jams ! deborah is a kind friend .
    I imagine you tasting the peach hot pepper jam with English muffin. But what do we drink with this ?
    About the box , perhaps Andy hoped a more comfortable one . Spoiled Andy! 🙂
    In friendship


    • She told me she follows you, incidentally. I think she reads you on Facebook. She is fluent in French, and is a Francophile. And, yes, she is very thoughtful and kind!

      The peach-hot pepper wasn’t hot-hot, just hot enough that there was a slight tingle on the tongue, enough so you knew it wasn’t plain peach! I found it just right! I drank black coffee with it. I like my coffee strong and plain, thanks to learning to drink coffee in Germany.

      Andy hadn’t given up on the box. I kept finding it tipped over on its side. I then folded the flaps in because I knew some kitty (probably Andy!) was trying to get in, but the flaps were in the way.


  2. Your friend must be a great jam maker. So many jams are so sweet it’s almost painful but her flavor combinations would make a great balance. I must confess to jam envy!


    • I’m holding off on opening the two remaining jars till I make scones, but the addition of ginger should help moderate the sweetness. The peach jam was a nice balance of “peachiness” with a little zip from the hot pepper. I liked it a lot! I have a problem with things that are too sweet. Sweetness tends to overpower the fruit too often.


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