Post 1485: anxiety…

Dougy’s anxious. The recliner tends to slide around when I get up or sit down in it. Now it’s a bit too close for Dougy’s comfort.

More to the point, it’s too close when Andy’s perched on his favorite arm of the recliner, and Andy insists on perching there when Dougy’s on his ottoman! 

Boys! Boys! Boys! Wait a moment and I’ll push the recliner back so you both can enjoy your favorite furniture.

(Anxiety taken care of.)


32 thoughts on “Post 1485: anxiety…

      • I edited “Cat” into you comment since I got your meaning.

        I wish WordPress allowed editing comments one makes on other blogger’s posts. I regularly make typing mistakes then post the error-ridden comments without picking up the typo!

        If I find errors in earlier posts on this blog, I correct them even though no one is likely to ever see the correction. I’m pretty obsessive about it, given my university major was English/Journalism/Copywriting. You’d never know it to read my blogs! LOL!


      • I try to keep it up, though I’m sure I’ve missed other people’s typos from time to time, too. I usually delete the second message from them noting the correction to their earlier message, but, in your case, I saw an opportunity to note that I do this since I know how frustrating it is to see a typo or error and not have a way to edit it on that end. And, you are welcome! Also, thank you for an opportunity to comment on typos and how I want to help clean them up for followers of my blog, whether they ask for me to do it or not. (Everyone who comments here is bright, literate, and concerned about these matters, eh!)


    • No problem! I have no doubt they would be pleased to share your internationally famous £300 second-hand recliner, especially since you know how to skritch since you get occasional practice giving your sister’s kitty scritches. For that reason, you know how, but always are “scritch-giving deprived” since that contact with your sister’s cat is only occasional! Whew! The kitty boys send their “meows of gratitude” for your kind greetings!


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