Post 1525: sleepy kitty…

You are…


…sleepy, Dougy!


30 thoughts on “Post 1525: sleepy kitty…

  1. Aww… Dougy. I wish I could come & play with you & Andy sometime! Mom says we’d be like three peas in a pod! Whatever a pod is! Mom asks if that is one of those antique Red Wing crocks that Dougy is sitting in? My auntie collects crocks.


    • That would be fun for us, too! I agree: “peas in a pod”! I was astonished the first time I saw your photo, and thought you could be their long lost brother you looked so much like them. They do have another brother (and sister) who live in South Dakota, just north of me a few miles, but I never met them. I don’t know if they are smoke Persians or some other color. Their mother had a brownish-red tabby cat coat. I never met their father.

      No, that’s a plastic tub that cost a dollar!


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